The Gome's Animal Farm

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I said Log In! God Damnit God Damnit!LMAO

The King, newly hired trainees & crosscuts just doesn't mix nor make walking possible. Poor Ricky found out in a hurry! I hope the King spit on his hobbit hands before inserting, or maybe Ricky will hafta claim compensation since sadish jr won't be walkin much!

Here are this year's winners of the Gome's Animal Farm's, "Ultimate loser couple contest". The Gome will send them to their respective salons just as soon as he can figure out just which is which, he may need the king to perform a sniff test with a taste test to follow if Brian deems it neccesary which he hasn't failed to do so since 1962!

This is Erie, Superior & Michigan, the other two Great Lakes couldn't make it today.

"We need to find Dorothy and get our Gay Asses back to the purple brick road! Tinky Winky & Grimace are waiting for us! To sign these 2 wierdos to any sort of contract please call (780)827-3149. This picture was taken on Brian's San Francisco vacation circa 1984. It's hard to recognize him with all his limey orange hair hiding under that cheapo batman mask.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Group Rates are available for all groups no matter how much Oxygen you are wasting.

I could just imagine their names!

Newly opened on the first day of spring, the "Kissin Cousins Exhibit" Just spray some lemon gin on them to see what really happens!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yes Gome's Animal Farm Does it again by selling out it's 9th week end in a row with its Shatnerless Star Trek Convention. Next week is naughty nuns. Be sure to go thru all my archived work, good T&A. Before the full review, let's check the homeland security index, click on it for a zoom up

Gome's gonna try a Shatner free Star Trek convention this year since he was banned for knockin up ALL of my 14yr old sweatshop kitchen staff. Now I have 8 Billy Jr Phillapino mamas boys running around!

I know a Star Trek convention is just shit without william shatner but he's been banned from the farm since oct04. He just couldn't keep his balls out of bromley's mouth! lmao!

"The Shit I do just to get free admission to the Farm!

Poor Fucker got his week ends mixed up, Transformers AFTER Star trek week end. Needless to say, he never got laid!

Is it Fat Tuesday or Freaky Friday!?

And an offical announcement from our main sponsor, Lucky Lager, Labatt Breweries. "We are pleased to announce that Labatt Breweries and Lucky Lager will be sponsoring Midget Fear Factor @ Gome's Animal Farm this Aug 13th. Gary Coleman and Webster may be celebrity contestants.

TSX - GHN i can foresee these acting much like microsoft stock! Buy now!

Hey George K! give my buddies Randy, Bill & the rest of the Oompah Loompahs a job!

The other 2 in the Jimmy B love triangle. Don't think they'll be makin basketball players!

Brian Bromley used to babysit the Jackson 5 backstage back in the day. I can clearly see what influence The King (Brian Bromley) had on a young vulnerable yet impressionable mikey jackson

Come over to Gome's Animal Farm next week for a new forbidden fruit! Nasty Nuns all next week! Get them drunk & see what happens!

Don't mind the fruit flies, their cherries are rotten! So is this website! Ha Ha Ha

Our 1st band kicking things off is LimpGimp2006 Gay sweaters and an even Gayer accordian!

tom o'connor a man secure enough with his own sexuality to wear an orange velour turtleneck,.....ok, he's as gay as who he is opening for who is.......

And our main attraction, Brian Bromley! Call him for a booking anytime, especially at 5:00am EST. (780)827-3149. He also accepts collect calls. He also loves gay phone sex ANYTIME!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Gome can foresee ample opportunity with hookers & the internet! Buy my stocks on the TSX so I can go hooker shopping. Then go to to order your very own 1 week lease of an Exotic Gome's Animal Farm 74%wet 62% tight 31% clean internet hooker. (when 1 week lease is up just send hooker back here on the Greyhound to Grande Cache,AB. The Gome's Animal Farm does not accept collect hoookers! If you cant afford to send one of my lovely hookers back as you got her then don't bother ordering them! And if you have, don't fuck anyone you really love till you get that drip & stingy piss taken care of! ***Disclaimer***Gome's Animal Farm does not in any way accept responsibility for what ever my internet clients may catch...hey guys, my gals are CHEAP for a reason!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Trading symbol GHN

This is ALL Revenue Canada needs to know!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My girl can't wrestle but you should see her box!

The Gome's Animal Farm proundly presents Canadian Celebrity Boxing! C'mon down to the farm as see these hasbeens box.

Our first match has Steve Fonyo vs Ben Johnson.

Ben Johnson. C'mon Benny, do our country proud!

Pat "Joey Jeremiah" Mastroianni. I think he's gonna get his ass kicked!

Our 2nd match has Relic from The Beachcombers pitted against...

And our main event sees our former primeminister Kim Campbell going head to head with....

Karla Homolka. Recently released and excited to box at The Gome's. If she wins I'm gonna set up a match win Tonya Harding.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

My personal artist made this

The Gome is still holding interviews for the ever expanding Bunny petting zoo. Interviews will be held as long as Brian Bromley keeps selling me viagra! Long live the king!

The Gome's Animal Farm now has valet parking. I told you guys I support single moms! And YES....that's my vette!